The root of  AMORIT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED was initiated by MR. KAYODE OYEWOLE, who is a seasoned business administrator of high repute. he also happens to be the Managing Director of the company who is leading a team of high intelligent management personnel of the noble organization.

Mr. Kayode Oyewole is the Managing Director of the company’s operations; aministrating by personal overseeing and inspecting all areas of operations towards the ultimate goal of nurturing the company to greater heights to meet the increasing challenges of the various industries we serve both in Nigeria and its environs where our services are extended for a period of establishing a reputable company for quality work series of jobs, we have handled and others that are still at hand. the success of this project culminated in the incorporation of the company as a limited liability company in the year 1997. the company then engage the services of qualified Managers, Engineers and technically qualified field personnel to keep on to that quality works that we are known for.

Mr. Kayode Oyewole

In view of putting quality first, the philosophy of the company, since her inception, has been that jobs which require expertise must be managed by experts; hence efforts were made to secure seasoned professionals to manage the affairs of the company execute her projects.

The Board has ensured that the company, at all times, is comprised of a proficient team of forward looking professionals, well groomed and tested in their chosen areas of specialization, who are committed to translating their attributes through well coordinated efforts and resourcefulness of the achievement of a set goal.

The Company today has grown quiet large and have a team of capable technical and management personnel in Engineering Fields, Pollution Control, Marine Services, Human Resources Management and Environmental / Pollution Control Services.


Amorit Aluminium factory is fully equipped with machineries that includes:

  • 7 Tons Capacity Delivery Vehicle.
  • 10 Tonns Folk Lifts for loading and off-loading of coils.
  • 40 KVA Hyundia generator set for power supply.
  • 625 and 630 Machines for Aluzinc Production.
  • Aluminium Coils.
  • Double Layer Roll. Forming Machines.
  • 5 Tonns automated De-coilers.



We are members of the following associations;

  1. Real Estate Development Association of Nigeria (REDAN)
  2. State of Osun Housing Cooperative Association Limited.
  3. British Institute of Facility Management (BIFM)
  4. National Association of Home Builders Washington DC

We are registered also as contractor with the State of Osun under the Ministry of Works and also registered our Business and Professional premises with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry Co-operatives and Empowerment.


Our projects over the years are self – financing and we are disposed to credit facilities from our bankers.


Safety First for all employees is embedded in our company culture from bottom to top.


In line with the Nigerian Local Content Development Plan, the company personnel, materials are sorted first from our immediate environment where we carry out our business operation. This has over time enhanced the relationship between the company and its immediate environment.


We have various plants and machineries which we use in the execution of our projects. Part of which are; Concrete Pressure Pump, Concrete mixers, Lorries, Tippers, other modern construction equipment.


As part of the company’s policy to give back to its immediate community, Amorit International Limited has embarked on various cooperate social responsibility and community development activities. We have supported actively various forums and associations projects within our community of operation part of which is;

  1. The annual free medical test, Hernia Surgery and distribution of drugs to elderly population within Ede Community and its environs.
  2. Provision of scholarship to student in tertiary institutions, secondary and elementary institutions.
  3. Sponsoring of various educational and vocational training program.
  4. Annual maintenance of road networks within our community of operation.


Our staff are seasoned and dedicated professionals with client interest as first priority. Amorit international limited has a dynamic and efficient workforce capable of offering the most professional and efficient services available in the Nigerian market today. 

In view of putting quality first the philosophy of the company, since inception, has been that jobs requiring expertise must be managed by experts; hence efforts were made to secure seasoned professional to man the affairs of the company and execute her projects.


Our customers are kings therefore their satisfaction is our ultimate priority.


To be the best, profitable leading and indigenous company with a steadfast drive towards achieving low cost operation and affordability of cooperate services and homes.


  1. The company won the Award for Excellence in Estate Development in 2008.Presented by FESADEB communication Ltd Abuja.
  2. Award of excellence by multinational EXON MOBIL.